Residence Property

Increase the value of your property and make it more attractive.

Buyers and residents are looking for luxurious residences with extensive facilities and innovative wellness services. The quality of the property’s facilities and services are significant differentiation in the real estate market as it makes it more attractive to tenants and buyers and enhances the luxury lifestyle.

Nevertheless, most of the condominiums have already invested in fully-equipped gyms and large swimming pools. They are now looking for new innovative ways to differentiate their facilities. The aqua gym pool is a Must-Have!

Aqua gym equipment – such as AquaBikes and AquaTreadmills installed in an pool corner or specific aqua gym pool – is a great solution to offer new fitness services in your property and enhance the pool area.

Our Solutions

Customised Solutions

Whatever you are working on a new property project or are the owner of an existing property, Be Aqua works with you to define the best aqua equipment solution for your property.

Most Reliable Aqua Gym Equipment

Our aqua gym products are the most reliable in a long term and are made for a daily intensive use. No worries about the maintenance…it requires low to no maintenance!

Large Range of Aqua Gym Products

We offer a large range of aqua gym products. Most of them are unique in the market as we are exclusive distributor.

Certified Trainers Available

We can provide the list of the certified trainers in Singapore to conduct exciting training sessions at your location.