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Aqua gym equipments in Training

Water has countless benefits, and hydrotherapy takes it one step ahead. Hydrotherapy is a therapeutic practice which encompasses the various ways water helps maintain health, cope with stress and treat injuries. It includes hot or cold compress, steam bath, and humidifiers, sinus rinses or colonic therapy. ARRDEV International has readymade fiberglass hydrotherapy pools for training and schools. The hydrotherapy pools are long-lasting, stylish, and comparatively economical. They are cheaper to service and maintain which makes them unique and reliable. You can install your hydrotherapy pools with our equipment to ensure the pool meets your client’s needs.

Wet Fit Aqua Stepper

The Aqua Stepper helps in acquiring fitness underwater in a safe and easy way. They are light in weight; you can place them anywhere and optimize your weight loss efforts or in recuperating from an injury. Anyone and everyone can use it without straining their body. Aqua stepper has an adjustable handle for every height and has anti-skid steps for your safety.

Aqua Bike

You can combine fun and fitness for an intense workout without sweating and exerting or straining your joints and muscles using Wet Fit Aqua Bike. It offers impeccable quality, with adaptable and adjustable handles and seat with specially designed flaps for better resistance under water. Wet Fit designs aqua fitness gym equipment with marine grade stainless steel to endure harsh pool environments with a little care. You will not want any other equipment in your swimming pool or spa of 1000mm depth.