Private & Recreation Clubs

Increase your members' satisfaction with exclusive aqua fitness services.

Wellness and fitness services are strong differentiators between the private clubs. All the prestigious clubs have already invested in fully-equipped gyms and offer a large range of fitness classes but members ask for exclusive services and extensive facilities.Your members look for new services that they can’t find nowhere else. They pay to benefit from all the best existing services at one prestigious place.

The new aqua fitness services and equipment are a great way to maximize the enjoyment of your members’ stay and create a new experience in your club. Your members are exciting by a new fitness activity – open to all ages and fitness levels and with great fitness results.

Last but not least…protect your members anywhere around the pool. 88% of kids who drown do so under adult supervision. Add an extra layer of protection with our drowning prevention system.

You private club shows the ability to constantly look for exclusive and innovative services and increase members’satisfaction. You attract new members, reinforce guest satisfaction and increase client loyalty!

Aqua fitness corner in your swimming pool

Our aqua gym products are designed to easily be removed from the pool or stay full time in water if you are planning to create an aqua fitness corner in your pool. We support you in the selection of the most appropriate equipment to create your aqua fitness area in your swimming pool and maximize the use of your pool.

Aqua Fitness Programme Design

We help you to design the most attractive and efficient aqua training programmes based on our experience and equipment. We advise you on how to make it evolve and adapt it to the different types of populations (active, seniors, athletes, etc).

Find the best Certified Aqua Instructors

If you want to hire external trainers, we provide you the list of the certified instructors trained and certified by our international certifications. We support you to find the best trainer profiles (certification, experience, profile, etc.).

Drowning Prevention System to protect the kids

Protect the kids anywhere around water. We are all about keeping swimming fun for everybody! The drowning prevention system alerts parents and lifeguards with strobes and alarms if a swimmer is submerged too long.