December 11, 2018
AQUA POD 2: i-cool pool
December 11, 2018
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AQUA POD- Aqua Capsule


This Aqua Pod handheld remote control is compatible with all Pro Logic controls

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Wet-Fit Aqua gym AQUA POD is for single person usage which allows to practice Aqua Fitness in a single cabin at your own place. Aqua gym aqua pod  is for two kind of use.

  1. Relaxing in hot water with inbuilt seat and pressure jets with proper water depth for complete submerse position. The pressure jets are at back and legw with 6 no’s of jacuzzi jets.
  2. Training workout for physical fit ness is created for workout on bike or treadmill with help of 6 powerful water jets.. Aqua Pod is recommended by physiotherapists as a safe and effective training in overweight and obesity, reduced mobility (after injuries of bones and joints) and as a part of rehabilitation process. This is also seen that on air gym are hard on body and usually impact our joints in adverse manner and a lots of pain and stretching happens.

Aqua pod is the safest and most enjoyable way of work our and chill at both time. This give relax to muscles and 30 minute work out is equivalent to 2 hr or air based regular gym. In aqua pod the body weight is reduced with 40% and water provides bouncy effect. As the water is upto the stomach it push the lungs with pressure of water hence you take more breathing in and out with longer period . That improve the over all supply of air / oxygen in entire body .

So just sitting in water is an excersize for body as lungs workout more and oxygen is reach far of into brain and internal organs and hence make them healthy.


If you work our with aqua bike and aqua tread mill That can do wonder and reduce your weight , strengthen you bones and more strength building with safe and less exercise.

The aqua bike and aqua tread mill can both be inter change on one aqua pod.  In case when you decide to change into other equipment inside, you don’t have to buy new capsule.

Every Aqua pod is equipped with pressure jets, water filter, water heating and disinfection system. The heater also fixed in the system for all weather use. Same water is usable for entire year and no change is needed as water is filter and treated in same aqua pod.

Size of aqua pod is 800 mm x 3000 m x 1500 mm.

This aqua pod is for above ground installation only.

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